August 18, 2015 Chester, PA - The Delaware County Regional Water Quality Control Authority (DELCORA) announced today that it has entered into a settlement agreement with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to make improvements to the combined sewer and stormwater drainage system in the City of Chester to address issues related to the overflow of the system during high rain events. Under the consent decree, negotiated in good faith by and between DELCORA and the EPA, DELCORA has 42 months to develop a long-term plan to control and reduce overflows from the City of Chester’s combined sewer and stormwater system, and 20 years to implement the plan.Contrary to public reports stating the project could cost up to $200 million, DELCORA said it has not determined the cost of the long-term control plan and would be unable to do so for up to another three years when development of the plan is completed. (more…)

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