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DELCORA’s Industrial Pretreatment Program (IPP) was established in accordance with the Clean Water Act (CWA) to fulfill the following objectives:

  • To prevent the introduction of pollutants into Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTWs), which will interfere with the operation of a POTW, including interference with its use or disposal of municipal sludge.
  • To prevent the introduction of pollutants into POTWs, which will pass through the treatment works or otherwise be incompatible with such works.
  • To improve opportunities to recycle and reclaim municipal and industrial wastewaters and sludges.

To achieve these objectives, DELCORA issues Wastewater Discharge Permits to all significant, categorical, and high impact industrial users prior to discharge. These permits strictly adhere to the regulations and protocols established in 40 CFR 403 and DELCORA Resolution No. 2011-04. This system enables DELCORA to work with industrial users to facilitate compliance and preserve the quality of the Delaware River Estuary.