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DELCORA Preparing an Act 537 Plan Update

Act 537 Plan Update – July 6, 2020


PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that the Delaware County Regional Water Quality Control Authority (DELCORA) is preparing an Act 537 Plan Update for the entire service area. This plan is for the sole purpose of addressing the PA DEP Act 537 requirements for the public-to-private wastewater disposal system transfer of the DELCORA system to Aqua Pennsylvania Wastewater, Inc.


DELCORA evaluated two alternatives:
• Alternative 1 – No Action Alternative
• Alternative 2 – Sale of the DELCORA system to Aqua


The selected Alternative for this plan is Alternative 2. Upon publication of this notice, a 30-day review and comment period is in effect. Anyone wishing to review and/or comment may do so during this 30-day period. The Plan Update will be made available on the DELCORA Website. Anyone requesting a hard copy of the plan should request it through the Contact Us tab of the Website or contact DELCORA at 610-876-5523 ext. 272.


Comments will be accepted in writing by mail at the DELCORA Administration Building, 100 East Fifth Street, Chester, PA 19013 Attention: Charles N. Hurst, PE, Director of Engineering or through the Contact Us tab of the website


To download the Act 537 Plan DELCORA Asset Transfer Plan Update click here.