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In order to facilitate public involvement throughout the public participation process, there will be four public meetings. At the fourth meeting, DELCORA will discuss and present progress on the development and selection of the alternatives for implementation of the Long-Term Plan. Once the alternatives have been evaluated in detail, but prior to selection of specific CSO controls, the public will be informed of each alternative and ranked based on preference in a draft report. The results of the evaluation will be summarized in an executive summary. The extent of implementation of each alternative evaluated will be based on public input. The schedule and financing method will also be described in the report prior to selection.

The public meetings will be held at one of the following four locations:

  • Chester City Hall: Community Room – 1 E. 4th Street Chester, PA 19013
  • Ridley Township Municipal Building: 100 MacDade Boulevard Folsom, PA 19033
  • Chester City Hall: Community Room – 1 E. 4th Street Chester, PA 19013
  • Aston Township Administration Building: 5021 Pennell Road Aston, PA 19014

The exact time and location of the meetings will be available on this website, in advance of the meetings. An approximate schedule follows:


After each public meeting, a Responsiveness Summary will be prepared. Each Responsiveness Summary will include notifications and information that will be made available to the public at the following meeting. This will include a summary of the meeting presentation and attendance; statements, comments, and questions raised by the public, followed by DELCORA’s responses.

There have been no meetings to date. In the future you may view our Responsiveness Summaries here.

For more information contact us.